It is up to us to encourage a diverse digital space that includes everyone.

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Our latest limited-edition drop is inspired by gaming and named by you. The world of games is one in which friends and strangers can come together, united by one passion, one common goal. The collection is made up of six unisex pieces, echoing the iconic aesthetic of a platform that revolutionised the way we game.

Our designers used 3D print techniques, high gloss detailing, 360° graphic positioning and retro, bold colours to construct a truly elevated 6 piece drop, of which just 300 items have been produced. Created with an extraordinary group of gamers, COLLUSION Now Loading encourages a diverse digital space that includes everyone.

We at COLLUSION teamed up with Snapchat to create a unique AR experience. We've also collaborated with model and semi-pro gamer Jasmine, founder of The Black Girl Gamers collective Jay-Ann and singer/songwriter and passionate gamer Chanal to construct this exciting element of the drop.

To bring COLLUSION Now Loading to life; open Snapchat, scan the Snapcode and point your phone towards the garment’s printed area.