How to Care for Your Denim: Wilson's Tips

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Our latest drop is almost here and it’s one we’re particularly excited about; COLLUSION Sustainable Denim. Our design team have worked hard to ensure that every stage of the production process has been handled with consideration for the planet we live on.

One issue facing the denim industry has been recyclability, largely down to metal rivets traditionally used to fasten garments. To solve this, all COLLUSION’s Sustainable Denim has been made with removable rivets, meaning your jeans can be recycled with ease. Secondly, we are sourcing Cotton Made in Africa certified cotton and support CmiA with every single CmiA-labelled product of our denim. CmiA helps African smallholder cotton farmers improve their living conditions, excludes GMO and is fed with rainwater only. Talking of water, we’ve created COLLUSION Sustainable Denim using more than 50% less water than a conventional wash consumes.

We trust you to treat your garments with sustainability in mind, so artist, writer and activist Wilson Oryema has put together some tips to help you.

How to Care for your Denim: Wilson’s Tips

  1. Never dry clean your denim (unless you have to): Although it may be thought of as the best way to clean your clothes regularly, dry cleaning should only be used when absolutely necessary. Exposure to chemicals in the process will weaken your denim slowly.

  2. Wash your denim less frequently: As well as reducing excessive energy use, it is advised that you wash your denim less frequently than you would other fabrics. Constant washing of denim causes the colour to fade much faster and lose its lustre.

  3. Use less detergent: Although they can be a lifesaver, clothing detergents are often filled with chemicals, which when used in excess can lead to the deterioration and discolouration of your clothes. I would advise you to let stains dry onto the garment and scrape as much as you can off of the denim before washing.

  4. Always wash in full loads: Less for the denim and more for water retention. Saving water is important.

  5. Wash your denim by hand: Fill a bucket or sink with cold water, add a small amount of detergent (a spoonful or even less), put your denim in and let it soak for an hour. Once the hour is up, come back and rinse the jeans with cold water. This is much less energy intensive than any washing machine.

  6. Steam to smell fresh: Heat is a good way to get rid of smells; some may say you should put your jeans in the oven. However, save yourself the time (and the fear of cooking your clothes to a crisp) by steaming denim instead. Just a few minutes with a steam iron should cause all smells to disappear. Be careful not to touch the iron directly on the denim as this can alter the garment.

  7. Air dry is the best dry: Simply hanging your clothes indoors and out of sunlight when drying them can add years to the life expectancy of your denim, helping preserve the colour and fabric quality.

Wilson Oryema is an artist, writer and sustainability expert based in London.