Collusion Everyone Together

Metallic silvers, structured canvas and graffiti prints explore the cultural movement that created techno.

We are excited to bring you the fourth COLLUSION drop, Everyone Together. Inspired by a moment in history when people were more united than ever, this thirteen piece collection celebrates camaraderie and self expression. Through its oversized silhouettes, metallic fabrics and cultural references, Everyone Together seamlessly merges the past with the future.

COLLUSION’s last two collections were created by our Season 1 collaborators, but this time we teamed up with a fresh pool of creative talent; you. Through social media, we asked for open answers to the question, ‘what inspires you?’ and your ideas poured in thick and fast. These ranged from ‘nature’ to ‘Frida Kahlo’, but one theme that arose more clearly than any other was that of 90s rave culture. We reached right back into that nostalgic moment, scooping up the neon colours, reflective fabrics and the overwhelming sense of inclusivity. With your help, COLLUSION repackaged the most beautiful elements of acid house and we’re delighted to share this with you, here and now in 2019.

In this limited edition drop, you’ll find slouchy hoodies to sit perfectly under a boxy gilet. According to our poll, another theme that many of you find inspiring is ‘industrial’, so we’ve designed multi pocketed utility trousers in canvas and denim. The black mesh with a hi-vis stripe nods graciously to those of you who told us you’re inspired by ‘goth’. Sportswear plays an important role here too - the hardcore dancers among you can enjoy absolute freedom in a pair of metallic, hi-vis or graffiti sprayed joggers. Finally, in that instant when the sun rises and the rain starts to fall we’ve got you. Throw on our transparent mac, layered over anything and everything to ensure that nothing comes between you and the beat. Given the COLLUSION DNA, our Everyone Together collection is unisex and animal free.

British dance culture in the late 1980s and early 1990s has been described as the last great youth movement. However, we disagree. We believe there will be many, many times in the future when people come together to create something, not to consume it. Thinking back, what did a world that birthed New Order and The Haçienda actually look like? The north of England in particular had seen a huge amount of change throughout the 1980s, while the UK as a whole faced an uncertain future. People were angry, people wanted to express themselves and rebel… ’Madchester’ was born. Techno culture is defined by everybody moving together to one pulse; maybe there’s a lot we can take from this particular moment in the past that would help us in the present, and in the future.

COLLUSION Everyone Together does precisely what it says on the label. You provided us with a theme and, together, we designed this collection. 1988 is still known by ravers as The Second Summer of Love. Will 2019 be the third? Together, we decide.

Niall Underwood is a London-based fashion journalist and content creator.