‘My name is Oscar and I'm passionate about breaking down gender norms and expectations.’

Manchester-born Oscar Osullivan, 18, is recognisable from COLLUSION’s debut 100 Birthdays campaign. Fascinated by cinematography, Oscar will move to Leeds this September to study filmmaking. Right now he is working as a beekeeper and carpenter while he undergoes a physical transition involving testosterone and chest surgery, that he narrates openly on his Instagram. When Oscar first posted a selfie in which he held a banana, captioned ‘Shock, I am a boy,’ he was prepared to lose people he cared about. Instead, he received hundreds of messages sharing love and support. Oscar’s gender identity is a small part of who he is, it does not define him; he’s incredibly proud to be trans. Through his work with COLLUSION, Oscar is keen to represent the trans community in a way that he rarely sees, using his unique insight to build a brand that is inclusive to everyone.