'How can you tell someone who you are when you've not even figured it out yet? And when you are changing all the time. If I tell you something about me now, in a month it could change so much. We're very free as young people and I think that's how you should be.'

Manchester-based singer Nadia has recently released her first single, aged 18. Her music discusses identity and self actualisation; being who you are, and becoming the person you want to become. When asked what the most important issues concerning her generation are, Nadia responds; family (created or blood) and charity. She believes in freedom of expression, obscurity of thinking, progression and acceptance. After featuring in our 100 Birthdays campaign, Nadia returns to COLLUSION as a collaborator. To Nadia, the role of fashion should be to make people feel good about themselves, and it’s this inclusive positivity that she brings to our brand.