‘I've always been into technology and I know that it is an area that not a lot of black females go into. It's a way for me to inspire young people to go for what they want, not just do something that seems like a ‘feminine’ thing to do.’

Laila is a 22 year old singer and computer scientist, specialising in AI, who works hard to fight the lack of BAME female representation in the tech industry. Her Youtube channel serves as a space to discuss beauty, ethnicity, feminism and technology, providing Laila’s audience with toolkit for life; practical solutions to everything from afro hair styling, to surviving university. Laila has also used Youtube as a platform on which to explore her passion for singing; her music makes up a big part of who she is. Not only does she balance her studies in Kent with a fashion-tech internship in London, but Laila still finds the time to discuss how she achieved these milestones on her vlog, paving the way for ambitious young women like herself to realise their own goals.