"My main focus is to change the narrative of how Africa in general has been portrayed in the media… Now is a time that we can start to have a more truthful conversation about each other's cultures, you know. Countries just being stereotypes in people's minds - it needs to go.”

Hyper-creative fashion enthusiast Jebi, 19, is a student, blogger, stylist and creative director currently studying at Central Saint Martins. Jebi is passionate about furthering a progressive narrative about the African diaspora in the wider media, through style. Hailing from Cameroon, Jebi has consistently used his upbringing there as his touchstone for his stylistic choices; it has also spurred on his desire to change negative stereotypes about other nationalities. Perception and the manner in which society communicates is intrinsic to Jebi’s outward and inward ideological principles. Sporting carefully-put-together tailored looks, Jebi’s consideration to detail and poise is applied in equal measure to his collaborative contributions to COLLUSION.