'It's important for young people to be politically engaged because, the end of the day. it’s our future. If we're apathetic about government and issues and social issues, it will never change.'

Hannah Alkindi’s influence reaches a long way past the topic of streetwear. She uses social media to explore her passions, fashion and politics, and she’s eager to engage in conversations that merge the two. Hannah is a debater; she’s as happy to discuss ethical sourcing or recycling, as she is to debate feminism or class. Raised by Bosnian and Persian parents, Hannah grew up between the UK and Croatia before settling in London as a teenager, where she moved to live with her nan. Last September she started a degree in History and German at Kings College London, which she balances with creative projects. Hannah’s academic background underpins her passion for politically engaged fashion, and it’s this passion that she contributes to COLLUSION.