Collaborators 2019


We are excited to introduce you to the group of seven who will be working with us throughout 2019 to shape the future of COLLUSION. Each collaborator has been selected not only for their creativity, but because they care passionately about the issues that matter. Body positivity, sustainability, fair representation of race and gender - these young talents share our taste for change.

If our founding collaborators were the architects who designed and built COLLUSION, then 2019’s team will be charged with extending the brand to accommodate this year’s fresh initiatives. They will work closely with us over direction, design and production to respond to the concerns of today, while anticipating those of tomorrow.

Antonia, Laila, Oscar, Lilly, Yomi, Hannah and Nadia will act as COLLUSION’s Board of Directors, consulting on every decision we make. Each individual has been a member of our audience from day one; as consumers themselves, they know better than anybody what we need to be doing next.

Over the next seven months you will have the opportunity to work with us and our collaborators, shaping the brand in real time, live from COLLUSION Studios.